Pet TikTok Richlist 2021

From Keyboard Cat to Clark the bacon loving talking dog, the internet has produced its fair share of stars over the years.

Now thanks to TikTok and the ease of modern content creation, we're currently living through a golden age of Animal comedy, with pet stars being born every minute.

To find out which pets are the most popular and who can make the most from brand deals, Buzz Bingo has analysed the top 40 animal accounts on TikTok to reveal the 2021 Pet TikTok Richlist.

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Image Rank Name Category Followers
Cost Per Post
Kody Antle Kody Antle
£136,537.04 / post 21.9M followers
Tiger 21.9M 297.2M £50,642.87
jiffpom jiffpom
£130,925.93 / post 21M followers
Dog 21M 517.7M £48,561.66
Floofnoodles Floofnoodles
£81,672.84 / post 13.1M followers
Ferret 13.1M 42.9M £30,293.23
Stryker The Cat Stryker The Cat
£49,253.09 / post 7.9M followers
Cat 7.9M 100.5M £18,268.43
tuckerbudzyn tuckerbudzyn
£48,006.17 / post 7.7M followers
Dog 7.7M 133.2M £17,805.94
I am Bunny I am Bunny
£36,160.49 / post 5.8M followers
Dog 5.8M 116.2M £13,412.27
£35,537.04 / post 5.7M followers
Dog 5.7M 96.6M £13,181.02
Doug The Pug Doug The Pug
£35,537.04 / post 5.7M followers
Dog 5.7M 86.9M £13,181.02
Moksha Moksha
£34,913.58 / post 5.6M followers
Gorilla 5.6M 95.5M £12,949.78
Huxley the Panda Puppy Huxley the Panda Puppy
£34,290.12 / post 5.5M followers
Dog 5.5M 80M £12,718.53
Chipmunks of TikTok Chipmunks of TikTok
£31,172.84 / post 5M followers
Chipmunk 5M 65.6M £11,562.30
Kareem & Fifi Kareem & Fifi
£29,925.93 / post 4.8M followers
Cat 4.8M 143.5M £11,099.81
Mayapolarbear Mayapolarbear
£28,679.01 / post 4.6M followers
Dog 4.6M 61.7M £10,637.32
Moonpie Moonpie
£25,561.73 / post 4.1M followers
Dog 4.1M 47M £9,481.09
Pet Moco Pet Moco
£22,444.44 / post 3.6M followers
Cat 3.6M 20.9M £8,324.86
Caitlin and Tiptoe Caitlin and Tiptoe
£21,820.99 / post 3.5M followers
Tortoise 3.5M 58.7M £8,093.61
Meeka Meeka
£19,950.62 / post 3.2M followers
Dog 3.2M 56M £7,399.87
madmax_fluffyroad madmax_fluffyroad
£17,456.79 / post 2.8M followers
Dog 2.8M 51M £6,474.89
Juniperfoxx Juniperfoxx
£17,456.79 / post 2.8M followers
Fox 2.8M 29M £6,474.89
Aussies Doing Things Aussies Doing Things
£16,209.88 / post 2.6M followers
Dog 2.6M 57.6M £6,012.40
Holly and Hazelnut Holly and Hazelnut
£15,586.42 / post 2.5M followers
Dog 2.5M 44M £5,781.15
ThatLittlePuff ThatLittlePuff
£15,586.42 / post 2.5M followers
Cat 2.5M 31.1M £5,781.15
Coco & Cici Coco & Cici
£15,586.42 / post 2.5M followers
Dog 2.5M 28.9M £5,781.15
Urban Rescue Ranch Urban Rescue Ranch
£14,962.96 / post 2.4M followers
Ostrich 2.4M 70.4M £5,549.90
Skaya Skaya
£13,092.59 / post 2.1M followers
Dog 2.1M 33.5M £4,856.17
Venus Two Face Cat Venus Two Face Cat
£13,092.59 / post 2.1M followers
Cat 2.1M 31.5M £4,856.17
Marley Marley
£11,845.68 / post 1.9M followers
Cat 1.9M 35.6M £4,393.67
Tod Tod
£11,845.68 / post 1.9M followers
Fox 1.9M 20.6M £4,393.67
TheWhiteRedFox®️ TheWhiteRedFox®️
£11,222.22 / post 1.8M followers
Fox 1.8M 27.4M £4,162.43
The Chinfluencers The Chinfluencers
£9,975.31 / post 1.6M followers
Chinchilla 1.6M 30.5M £3,699.94
Pets Club Pets Club
£9,351.85 / post 1.5M followers
Pets (In General) 1.5M 20.7M £3,468.69
Brodie The Goldendoodle Brodie The Goldendoodle
£8,728.40 / post 1.4M followers
Dog 1.4M 42.2M £3,237.44
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
£8,728.40 / post 1.4M followers
Dog 1.4M 21.1M £3,237.44
Ivy Ivy
£8,104.94 / post 1.3M followers
Dog 1.3M 32.8M £3,006.20
The B Hive The B Hive
£8,104.94 / post 1.3M followers
Dog 1.3M 23M £3,006.20
Monkey keer Monkey keer
£8,104.94 / post 1.3M followers
Monkey 1.3M 17M £3,006.20
Furious Dog Furious Dog
£7,481.48 / post 1.2M followers
Dog 1.2M 19.4M £2,774.95
Remithemonkey Remithemonkey
£6,858.02 / post 1.1M followers
Monkey 1.1M 19.1M £2,543.71
Teddy & Albi Teddy & Albi
£6,858.02 / post 1.1M followers
Dog & Cat 1.1M 17.1M £2,543.71
Goliath Goliath
£4,364.20 / post 0.7M followers
Gecko 0.7M 7.7M £1,618.72
Rooster-the spider monkey Rooster-the spider monkey
£1,870.37 / post 0.3M followers
Spider Monkey 0.3M 3.2M £693.74