Celebrities Who Love Bingo Just As Much As You



Celebrities Who Love Bingo Just As Much As You

From the biggest stage to the humblest household, bingo is a game enjoyed by players from all walks of life. As I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! showed with their bingo episode, not even the famous can resist the charm of the game and the thrill of being the one to finally make the call. Of course, they can't hold all the love of the game to themselves, as many of us have tried our hands at the I'm a Celebrity bingo game online (though with fewer people watching us!)

As much as we loved seeing this play out on the screen, we thought it could be time to take our investigation into bingo celebrity players one step further. Research revealed that I’m a Celebrity bingo just scratched the surface of celebs' love of the game, so we want to go deeper and look at those famous faces who didn't appear who count themselves as bingo fans.

Certain rockstars, football legends, and honoured actresses have made no secret of their brilliant bingo fandom, and we’ve tracked down some of the most famous names. Who are these fans, and how do they show their love for calls, cards, and wins?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Welsh actress has been known to play bingo with her friends and family in Swansea where, in 2019, Catherine Zeta-Zones received the Freedom of the City of Swansea award. The internationally famous actress was born and raised in Swansea, Wales, and the honour was bestowed upon her in recognition of her achievements in the arts and her outstanding contribution to the city. This makes her just the second woman to receive the honour, and the first within the last 100 years!

Rumours persist of Zeta-Zones hosting her own games, and printing her own cards. Was she inspired by a time her parents reportedly won £1000 in a bingo game? Who knows!

Robbie Williams

This Stoke-on-Trent singer-songwriter currently holds the record for the most BRIT Awards won by a solo artist. He has received a total of 18 awards, including the BRITs Icon Award in 2017.

When Robbie isn’t busy winning awards, there's a chance he’s busy playing bingo. Turns out he’s a huge fan, even making public appearances and winning. The first examples we have of Robbie’s love date all the way back to 2007 when he managed a win at a charity tournament in Hollywood.

Kate Moss

It doesn’t get blingier than Kate Moss playing bingo. In 2006, Kate spent over £100,000 on a custom-made Swarovski crystal-encrusted bingo set. Designed by none other than the famous crystal maker Bodo Sperlein, it featured 90 crystal balls and a silver-trimmed board. Sperlein created the set specifically for a charity event at which the one-of-a-kind bingo set was later sold and raised a substantial amount for the charity.

Prince William

Who knew even the Royals love bingo? Prince William once surprised residents at a care home in Cardiff, by joining them for a very special game of bingo. The Prince even called out some of the bingo numbers himself, which surely delighted everyone there.

Sharon Osbourne

TV personality and wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon has been known to play a game or two of bingo. She’s even gone as far as to act as a caller in a special Comic Relief Bingo game back in 2007, consolidating her knowledge of the game’s callouts.

She said in an interview that she loved the social aspect of bingo and would often take her friends along with her to play. We don’t blame you, Sharon - community is a big part of bingo, which is why we love our Buzz Bingo community so much!

Mick Jagger

The lead singer of the Rolling Stones is also a bingo celebrity. Legends tell of Jagger holding games at his home, where it’s difficult to imagine the rocker chilling out with friends for a calm night in. Turns out, he enjoys the thrill of playing bingo just like we do.

Denise van Outen

The Towie voice-over star and actress is another bingo celebrity. Her late grandfather was a bingo caller, and she used to go with him to the bingo clubs he worked at. These happy memories of playing bingo with her grandfather are just the kind of feel-good fact we love at Buzz Bingo. Denise has also been involved in numerous charity bingo events and hosted a bingo-themed radio show called The Denise Van Outen Bingo Bonanza on Magic FM back in 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Here’s a fun fact and one for any future pub quizzes. Cristiano Ronaldo was given a DVD version of bingo to help him sharpen his English skills. He’s gone on record as saying that he finds bingo very exciting, which is a ringing endorsement from the beautiful game’s biggest stars.

Bingo doesn’t care about where you came from, your fame, or your fortune. The game transcends these borders. It’s comforting to know from the I’m a Celeb... bingo episode that there doesn’t seem to be a limit on who loves to play, which makes sense since it’s hundreds of years old. Whether reading about celebs who love bingo, checking out the I’m a Celebrity bingo game, or trying our own hands at Buzz Bingo, spending time with friends and family and making the win is always fun, and always nice to be able to share that with the world.