How to Play 40-Ball Bingo



A seasoned online bingo player is unlikely to have never played the 40 balls variant. Since its emergence in 2015, this version of bingo has become very popular amongst players at Buzz Bingo. Its fame could be attributed to its rapid pace and engaging features. Here, we’ll explain what this game is about and explore how it’s played.

What is a 40-Ball Bingo Game?

A casino software company called Virtue Fusion was the first to bring this interactive game to online bingo players. Gamers of all skill levels flocked to play it after its initial release as a Rainbow Riches bingo title.

Now, it is quickly becoming a mainstay in casinos around the world because it has better gameplay, more appealing graphics and features compared to the standard bingo game.

In the original edition of this online bingo game, there are two special gold bonus balls and 40 bingo numbers, each of which can award a substantial cash prize to a single player. There is also a progressive jackpot to be won at a 40 balls bingo game. The popular slot game Rainbow Riches Clover, made by the same company, had a clear effect on the bingo game’s jackpot feature.

If you're familiar with the traditional versions, like 90-ball bingo, you're in for a pleasant surprise with the 40-ball variant’s visuals and features. Are you looking to try this game? Learn the rules beforehand by reading on.

How to Play 40-Ball Bingo Games

Since there are fewer balls in this version of the game than in the usual version, each round is automatically shorter. This makes for faster gameplay, like in speed bingo, and allows you to play more rounds in the same time it would have taken to play a single 90-ball game.

You might also discover that you can record a winning arrangement more often than in other bingo games because of the numerous options for bonus prizes.

The rules for 40 ball bingo are identical to those for 90 ball bingo games. Your card's numbers are marked off when they match the ones that were drawn. Keep in mind that you must play a predetermined number of cards to access special features like the Wishing Well feature if you are playing Rainbow Riches.

Also, you'll need to gather 100 coins, each of which is based on a lucky number expected to be drawn during gameplay. You'll need to play at least 100 games to land a bonus of £5.

  • Get ready for the start of the session by purchasing as many tickets as you'd like in the Rainbow Riches or any other 40 balls bingo room on your mobile or desktop device.

  • While purchasing tickets, you'll need to pick a lucky number that could earn you a £5 bonus at the Wishing Well.

  • As soon as the game starts, the caller will begin picking numbers between 1 and 40 at random. You can cross off a total of eight numbers while you wait for your lucky streak to begin. Also, you can sit back and enjoy your online gambling experience because most sites allow you to auto-daub your numbers.

  • If you get four numbers on a clover, it will turn gold, and you'll be the first person to win.

More tickets purchased at the start of the game mean more money spent but also more chances to win. When playing 40 balls bingo, you can purchase up to 5 cards and have the computer automatically cross out the winning numbers, so you won't have to worry about losing track.

The sum you receive may also be affected by several other factors. The more players in a bingo room, the bigger the jackpot. This means that more tickets will be sold and the payout will be bigger. Award sizes will be determined in part by ticket prices.

To find the room most likely to award a prize you'll find satisfactory, all you have to do is look around and use some basic probability.

Where to Play 40 Balls Bingo

If you wish to play the Rainbow Riches version, Buzz Bingo is a sure place to find it since the casino uses Virtue Fusion software. The software company partners with different brands, some of which are exclusive to the studio, while others use their platform but have their own jackpots and bonus sets. 

No matter which bingo site you end up using, you'll be able to play with other bingo aficionados and unwind between rounds with other game types. 

How to Select a Winning Number

Certain factors can impact the outcome of a game of 40 ball bingo, such as the size of the bingo room. Games like Rainbow Riches also offer players the chance to pick a lucky number, which when called during the game, contributes towards a £5 prize. Other bingo games offer similar features to players to make the game more interesting. 

There is no strategy to help you improve your winning chances when it comes to bingo. The only way players can increase their odds is to buy more tickets. With 40 balls bingo, you can only buy a max of 5 tickets per game.

40-Ball Bingo is the ideal game if you want something simple, full of jackpot-induced exhilaration, and shorter gameplay. It is also a fresh take on the genre's conventions and increased odds of winning, on top of everything else it provides. Most of the 40 balls games you’ll find has up to four separate prizes up for grabs.

A 40 balls bingo game could be your greatest opportunity to be blown away by cutting-edge innovation if you've never played a themed bingo before.