How to Throw a Bingo Party



This underrated (and incredibly fun) game is making a major comeback, particularly in the online realm. Simple yet exciting, bingo is one of those games that knocks the nostalgia factor right out of the park. Even as more people are choosing to play online bingo, there’s definitely been a resurgence in IRL popularity too. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to play bingo, and why you should be throwing a bingo party of your very own.

A Brief History Of Bingo

While bingo is (or was) most commonly associated with community halls and dentures, the game actually has its roots somewhere a lot more impressive. Bingo appears to have originated from a 16th-century Italian lottery game, Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. The game then made its way to France and became known as Le Lotto, popular among the French aristocracy.

The rise of online gambling in the 1990s led to a resurgence in bingo’s popularity. The early online bingo games obviously left much to be desired, but so did pretty much anything on the internet back in the day.

Since then, bingo has had a remarkable turnaround. More and more people are choosing to play online bingo, and Google searches like “how to play bingo” yield millions of results.

With that being said, an IRL bingo party offers the chance to get family and friends interested in this resurgent game as it provides the perfect atmosphere for beginners.

How To Throw Your Very Own Bingo Party

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a classic 75-ball bingo game. Gather friends, family, and even co-workers, and bring them together for a night of true enjoyment. You don’t need tons of fancy equipment, just make sure you have bingo boards, some snacks, plenty of drink if you’re so inclined, and a winning spirit.

If you’re planning on offering monetary prizes, ensure that everyone pitches in. You could even have a small buy-in amount to allow for fair distribution. Once everyone has arrived and the game has started, you’re in for a good time. Allow the night to go where it needs to, and your guests are going to be demanding bingo meet-ups on the regular.

Not Feeling The Party Spirit?

Look, some of us can’t be bothered to go through all the effort of a bingo night. If the idea of cramming into a hot room with friends and family sends shivers down your spine, there are plenty of online bingo resources to help you along.

If you want to play online bingo, finding a game that suits you is really as simple as doing a quick Google search. Some of the top bingo games around at the moment include Rainforest Magic Bingo, Sweet Alchemy Bingo, and Just a Bingo, all available from top bingo sites.

IRL or online, bingo is the type of game that can truly bring joy. Popular among online players, old-timers, and pretty much everyone in between, this game brings a nostalgia hit like no other.