How to Win Bingo



It’s a question we get all the time and one that has both a short answer and a long one. If you force us to answer the question “can you win at bingo?” with one word, we’d say, yes. The nature of the game is such that you’ve always got a chance to win.

However, the long answer is, also, yes but it depends on a multitude of factors. The biggest factor is an undeniable one. Luck, good fortune, or whatever you want to call it, will always have an impact on your results.

This is due to the game’s randomness. When numbers are drawn, you never know which one it will be. If it’s an actual mixing machine, you’ll see the balls being thrown around and one pulled out at random. If it’s our online bingo games, our random number generator (RNG) software will select numbers in an arbitrary fashion. They aren’t selected for any reason or to fit a pattern, the numbers you see are simply a result of a random selection process, which is why winning at bingo is mostly down to luck.

You Need A Little Luck In Bingo
That means our games are 100% fair. Regardless of how many game cards you have, and the numbers printed on them, bingo is always completely random. In other words, you can’t influence the numbers that are called, and neither can anyone else. Therefore, you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Of course, that’s exciting, and the reason we love the game. But, again, it means you can never say for certain “I’m going to do X and definitely win”.

However, don’t despair, because there are things you can do that may move the needle in your favour. The big one is to buy more game cards. Now, this is a very important point, you should never buy more cards than you can afford. Playing online bingo is all about setting a budget and having fun – winning and losing shouldn’t factor into it. The aim is to have a good time, and you can only do that if you have a budget and stick to it. So, when we tell you to buy game cards, we’re doing so with the caveat that you should only do so if it’s within your limits.

Think Outside Of The Box To Feel Like A Winner
The reason to purchase more cards is that it gives you more ways to win. Additionally, if you can buy more than the average, you’ll, by definition, have a better-than-average chance of winning. For example, if everyone in the game has bought five cards and you’ve got ten, you have, in theory, 2x the chance of winning. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will win just because you have more cards; however, it does mean you can beat the average. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are also bonuses to take into account.

Our bingo bonuses will help you get a little bit extra even if you don’t win. For instance, picking up a free bingo game isn’t technically a win, but it may feel like one due to the fact that you get to play for nothing. It’s the same with Buzz Boosts, free spins, and a whole lot more. So, even if you don’t scoop a prize in one of our games, there are always promotions you can take advantage of. That’s the best way to guarantee a “win” and, in turn, get more from your time online at Buzz Bingo.