International Women's Day



Here at Buzz Bingo, we love how some of our slot games celebrate the strength and power of women. From the Cleopatra collection of titles to the fierce warriors of Battle Maidens, it is always a joy to see women leading the action.

With that in mind, you will not be surprised to hear that we are really looking forward to this year’s International Women’s Day. The incredible annual event on March 8th not only highlights the achievements of women, but also raises awareness of the continued fight for equality.

A Brief History Of International Women’s Day

You may have seen information about International Women’s Day – or IWD – pop up in the news or on social media in recent years. However, do you know how it came about?

The official IWD site details how the idea was first put forward at the second International Conference of Working Women held in Copenhagen all the way back in 1910. After it received unanimous approval, the first International Women’s Day was held in countries including Austria and Germany on March 19th, 1911.

Over time, it was decided that the event should take place on the global date of March 8th and it has remained that way ever since. The first annual theme for the event was announced by the United Nations in 1996, and it was based around ‘celebrating the past, planning for the future’. Again, themes have gone on to become an enduring part of the concept.

Did You Know?

Now that the history lesson is done, we thought we’d offer up a few interesting facts all about International Women’s Day.

• The IWD site outlines how we can choose to play our part by challenging gender inequality and also celebrating women’s achievements.

• There are specific colours associated with the idea of IWD. Purple is linked to justice, while green and white represent hope and purity respectively.

• The IWD site adds that a host of countries including the Ukraine, Vietnam, and China have made the day an official holiday. Many locations also have traditions where men buy flowers and gifts for female relatives, friends, and colleagues.

• As you might have seen, International Women’s Day has been marked with several Google Doodles through the years. 2020’s design was particularly striking, as it featured a 3D paper mandala animation. Google said it was based around the idea of women working together, both through the generations and across different countries to create change.

A Time To Reflect

International Women’s Day may have existed for more than a century, but it is clear that the date continues to have a major impact in countries all over the world.

Women have been responsible for some truly incredible achievements through the years and we would urge all of our visitors to take some time to reflect on these. By doing this and also following this year’s theme you could ultimately make a real difference.