Make Up Your Own Holiday Day



Yeah, we get it. It feels like there’s something to celebrate every day of the year these days. We’re not just talking about culturally important festivities either. You might have even got to the point where you’ve considered creating your own ‘unofficial’ holiday with family or friends. If that answer is yes, set a reminder in your mobile phone for March 26th – the celebration of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

The origins of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day trace back to a website called Wellcat Holidays, run by Thomas Roy and his wife, Ruth. To date, Thomas and Ruth have helped get up to 80 annual holidays off the ground, all of which are proudly listed on their website.

Our particular favourites include Bathtub Party Day, which encourages people to share a tub with pals, Walk On Your Wild Side Day, which invites those who are normally straight-laced and conformist to be unpredictable for at least one day of the year; meanwhile Eat What You Want Day is the perfect excuse to put down that calorie counter and gorge on all your favourite foods in May.

So why create Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, you might ask? For Thomas and Ruth Roy, they believed the world needed a day that people could name whatever they wanted. It’s a day that allows you to “reach for the stars” and celebrate your own passions in life.  

Celebrating Make Up Your Own Holiday Day requires you to decide what you want your day to be about. Is it time to choose a hobby or passion that you don’t think gets enough love or recognition among your friends or family? Or perhaps you just want to make people aware of a great cause that’s close to your heart? Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is the golden ticket to bring anything you like from obscurity into the limelight.

What’s that, you want to celebrate Buzz Bingo Day? What a great idea that is! If you want to cherish the Buzz Bingo community for a whole 24 hours, where would you start? Luckily enough for you, we’ve already put our thinking caps on. Here’s how you could organise your very own Buzz Bingo Holiday on March 26th:

Start the day right with some free bingo
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Catch up with Roger’s latest streams
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Finish your day in our vibrant Buzz Club Room
Finish your festivities the right way by logging in to our Buzz Club Room, with hundreds of other players, as well as the chat hosts and moderators. The Club Room opens 6pm until 11pm daily, bringing you all your classic bingo games and some amazing cash prizes.

That’s a Buzz Bingo Day that we could get firmly on board with! It would be the ideal way to experience all that’s good about being a part of our family. We’re ready and waiting for you whenever you’re ready to join!