What is the Best Slot to Play?



This is a question we get asked often, and it’s not one with any easy answers. You might as well ask which is the best food, or who is the most annoying newscaster – we all have correct answers, but they’re subjective. That said, it would be silly to suggest all slots are created equal, and with that in mind, we can at least give readers some tips to narrow down a selection of thousands of slots to a few dozen.

All About Style

With so much variety in the slot game world, the biggest question we ask before we try to guide you along the way is which style do you like the most? Do you prefer simple titles that reflect physical machines, or do you want something a little more outgoing? Do you love sports to the point where you’d be most comfortable with a slot based on football, or would you be happier with games featuring a warm summer motif?

The great thing about the current state of the enormous slot market is that, regardless of your tastes, there’s almost guaranteed to be something for you. Understand this and you having a starting point, but where do we go from here?

The Devil In The Details

Once you have an idea of what looks you’re going for, you need to decide which slot features mean the most to you. For some players, the most important component will be that the slot works well on mobile in which case there aren’t many wrong answers. That is unless your phone has recently been dropped or gone through a wash cycle, but we can hardly blame casino games for that. Almost all slots were converted to HTML5 from Flash years ago, which means practically all of them will work on even older mobiles without issue. That said, there’s always going to be some that integrate a little closer to your tastes than others, so be sure to check around.

In a more objective sense, you should also consider aspects like maximum possible payouts. If you’re the type to swing for the fences then the biggest name we can recommend is the Mega Moolah range of slots, but there are many others with high maximum potential winnings.

From here, players could also consider how deep down the rabbit hole they want to go in terms of bonus systems. For some games, a simple few free spins every now and then encompass the totality of games bonuses. For others, bonus systems are stacked on top of bonus systems leading the players to spend almost as much time on special features as they are in the main game.

The last aspect we’d suggest players focus on is the music. This might seem silly, but as any experienced slot player will tell you, the little jingles and short songs of slots can and will get stuck in your head. If this is a nice tune then great. If it’s the type that slowly grates on you like Christmas carols in a supermarket, then you might want to consider muting the title or putting on some music of your own.

Now that you know everything you need to know, the only other advice we can give you is that experimentation is key. Though you probably have some direction now in mind, keep in mind that there are more esoteric parts of slots that can go underappreciated. Check around, try out free demo versions before jumping right in, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect slot.