What Slot Machines Are the Best to Play?



Choosing a slot machine is a lot like choosing a pair of shoes, in that there is a lot of choice out there because different people have different preferences. There are no perfect choices for everyone, rather, personal tastes and interests are key. Fortunately, with the broad variety available today, the one certain factor is that there is something for everyone, but where do you start? 

To answer this question, you need to look inward, so grab your metaphorical mirror. Then, we need to make a few choices.

A Time and Place
Slots are simple, so simple that you might want to just straight in. That's great, we applaud your enthusiasm, but you first need to figure out how you'll play. They aren't just for PCs anymore, as today you can also choose to use tablets or phones to access our clubs if you so choose. Don't worry, you're not going to be missing out on anything if you go mobile and, even better, you can take your mobile with you to play practically anywhere with an internet connection. Try doing that with a desktop, or just take our word that it's a bad idea. 

With this basic concept in mind, you can then focus on finding your perfect playing environment. For some, it might be seated at your computer, others might play under their blankets, or in a park on a sunny day. There's no wrong answer here, so choose whatever fits you best.

Choosing Slot Games
When you’re looking at the slot games, there might be some that draw you in on appearance alone. If that draw is enough for you then that’s fine, we’re not going to judge you. Otherwise, you might like some more information as to the key components. For a simple breakdown, here’s what we have.

•    Return to Player – This is the amount as a percentage of the money wagered that is returned to the player (that’s where the name comes from) on average in the long term. Of course, any big wins can push players far outside of this average.
•    Volatility – What sizes of payouts a slot machine will give. A low volatility machine will tend to pay out often with smaller wins, whereas a high volatility machine gives bigger but less frequent payouts.
•    Paylines – These are the lines on which winning combinations can land. The more paylines, the more combinations are possible. These are usually offset by the inclusion of more symbols to even out chances.
•    Bonus features – This is an especially important component in digital slots, which can have enormously robust bonus game potential. Of course, sometimes you just want to watch those reels spin, so maybe bonus games aren’t your thing.
•    Auto Play - The feature which keeps your slots spinning for you. Using this, players can set the number of spins to go for until certain rules are hit, saving your precious clicking or tapping finger from doing all the hard work.
•    Wilds - Like in card games, wilds can substitute for any other symbol. In some instances, some of these can even take up more than one reel, expand, or take over others. For making big matches, wild's are a slot player's best friend.
•    Scatter - Scatter symbols tend to be those which unlock bonus features. These aren't as common as wild's, though they have the potential to lead to the biggest winnings, so they shouldn't be overlooked.

From this point, you should at least have some indication of where to go. What you should also remember is that it can be fun to play around, to check out what else is on offer. We can underestimate the breadth available, so sticking to one machine can be like only watching one TV channel. Whatever you end up choosing, we hope you enjoy yourself.