World Chocolate Day



If you love chocolate (who doesn’t!?), hazelnut-whip your calendar out and make a new entry because July 7th is World Chocolate Day. Us at Buzz Bingo have come up with some ways to celebrate.

1. Eat chocolate.
Not just one bar. We’re talking multiple bars, mousse, and chocolate cakes too.

2. Drink chocolate.
Hot chocolate, chocolate milk, or those impossibly thicc chocolate shakes are all excellent World Chocolate Day beverages.

3. Bathe in chocolate.
Not literal melted chocolate (you’d burn your bits!). No, we mean popping up town to get some chocolate-scented bath bombs to launch into your bathtub. Eat and drink chocolate while you bathe for chocolate brownie points!

4. Host a remote World Chocolate Day party.
You and your friends around the world can all eat and drink chocolate on webcam together. Hey, you could even dial in from your chocolate-themed-bathtub and hide your naughty bits behind chocolate-scented bubbles if you’re close friends! Make sure to give everyone a saucy wink, you cheeky devil.

5. Become a chocolate expert.
Learn a bunch of chocolate facts and recite them at your remote World Chocolate Day party. Because who wants to go to a World Chocolate Day party and not learn about how it was the Mayans who first discovered the delights of cocoa, presumably during their breaks between ritual blood sacrifices and doomsday stone calendar carving? Everyone will be really impressed, we promise.

6. Bake and cook with chocolate.
A quick Google search for ‘chocolate recipes’ will reward you with about 1,620,000,000 results. That’ll kill a few hours in the kitchen. We found a fancy recipe for sous vide lamb rump with cauliflower couscous and chocolate jelly but let’s be honest, who’s gonna make that. Just add a few cubes of 85% cocoa or higher dark chocolate to your chili con carne instead, trust us, it’s amazing. Eat your savoury chocolate snack on camera at your remote World Chocolate Day party to make all your friends think you’re a culinary chocolate wizard.

7. Celebrate #WorldChocolateDay on social media
If you’re anything like us, there’s a very small window between chocolate arriving in your hands and it being completely eaten. But we should make an effort on World Chocolate Day, right? Because did you even really eat that triple chocolate gateaux if you don’t post a pic of it on social media?

8. Play Chocolate Cashpots.
It’s a chocolate-themed online slot game with Fluffy bunnies, adorable chicks and golden eggs full of cash. Who knows, you might win enough golden-egg-cash to pay for all the chocolate you eat on World Chocolate Day!
Well, we’re out of ideas.

Help us! What would you do to celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7th?