Cash Builder Jackpot keeps growing until it’s won! Add to your next in-house Main Event for a quid

There’s a new jackpot bingo game to play in all Buzz Bingo clubs and you could win £1,000s! Introducing…  Cash Builder Jackpot Bingo. Dun dun dunnnn!

What’s Cash Builder Jackpot Bingo?
It’s a Main Event add-on bingo game! Each club has its own Cash Builder Jackpot. The Jackpot starts at a set amount then keeps growing and growing, day after day, until someone wins the whole lot - then it resets back to its starting amount! The Cash Builder Jackpot could be worth £1,000s before someone wins it… will you be that lucky jackpot winner?

How do I win the Cash Builder Jackpot?
Win your club’s entire Cash Builder Jackpot when you call full house in a set number of ball calls or fewer during Cash Builder Jackpot Bingo! Each club has its own set number of ball calls, but as an example if it’s 35 or fewer, you’ll bag the Jackpot if you win full house before the Presenter has called out 36 numbers.

We play Cash Builder Jackpot Bingo on the last page of in-house Afternoon and Evening Main Event sessions - and it’s just £1 to add it to your games!

What’s an ‘in-house’ Main Event session?
Some Main Event bingo sessions are in-house and others are ‘linked’. At in-house bingo you’re only playing with other people inside your club, so all the winners are guaranteed to be in your club. At linked bingo your club joins forces with other Buzz Bingo clubs in the community to bring you better prize money. That means you’re playing with people inside your club and people inside other clubs you’re linked with, so winners might be in your club, or they might be in one of the community clubs.

You can only play Cash Builder Jackpot Bingo at in-house Main Events, which means the winner is guaranteed to be someone from your club!

Easy, right? Just add Cash Builder Jackpot to your next in-house Main Event and cross those fingers and toes tight!


Terms & Conditions

  1. The Cash Builder Jackpot feature will pay the jackpot advertised in your club. 
  2. To win, call House in the advertised number of calls or less on the last page of the afternoon or evening Main Event. 
  3. The jackpot will be shared equally if there are multiple winners.
  4. Not valid on sessions where the last page is linked with other clubs for community prizes. 
  5. Jackpot grows daily until won after which it returns to your club’s starting level. 
  6. Buzz Bingo general terms apply. Members only. We operate a “Think 25” policy, photographic ID will be required. Enjoy the game and play responsibly. or call GamCare free on 0808 802 0133.