Beat the Score

Dare you take on your local club’s General Manager in a vicious battle of slot spins? Glory and a prize awaits the brave, and it’s completely free to play.

Your goal is simple: Score higher than The Boss and you’ll win a £3 Cash Match code. This code gives you £10 of spins for just £3!

How do I play?
Just pop into your local club any time on a Monday and tell your Slots Host you want to Beat the Boss. They’ll tell you The Boss’s score, take you to a slot machine, and put it in Tournament Mode. The game will load and you’ll see you’ve got £50 of free credit and a 5-minute time limit.

1. Set your bet per spin
Top tip: Playing at £2 a spin gives you better chances of triggering special in-game features that could really boost your score. Remember, your spins won’t actually cost anything while you’re in Tournament Mode - it'll just come out of your free £50 credit.

2. Play!
You don’t win money in Tournament Mode. You get points instead! All you have to do is keep pressing Spin and play any bonus rounds that pop up. The more you win, the more points you get. It really is that easy!

3. See your score
After your 5-minute time limit is up you’ll see your score on the screen. If you’ve Beat the Boss your Slots Host will give you a £3 Cash Match code - and any cash you win with your £3 Cash Match is yours to keep!

Am I really playing against my General Manager’s score?
Yep! After everyone else has gone home on a Sunday night, your club’s General Manager stays late to prepare for the next day’s Beat the Boss Tournament. After a strong cuppa and a few moments of quiet meditation, they’re ready to begin.

They sit at a slot machine and give themselves £50 credit. They take a deep breath and crack their knuckles. Then, for the next five minutes, they repeatedly hammer that spin button until their time runs out!

Whatever they score that night, that is what you must beat the next day to win your £3 Cash Match prize.

See you for Beat the Boss and free prizes every Monday in your local Buzz Bingo club!

Terms & Conditions

The Legal Stuff: Please ask reception for details. One entry per customer, per day. Beat the Boss is available to play every Monday. Any customer who beats the $ score of the Slots Host will win a £3 Free Play voucher. Free to play. Buzz Bingo general terms apply. Members only. We operate a "Think 25" policy photographic ID may be required. Enjoy the game and play responsibly. or call GamCare free on 0808 802 0133.